Coaching SUPERvision Sample Session

Supercoach after Coaching Supervision Sample

Even Supercoaches like You Need to Recharge and Supercharge through Coaching SUPERvision!

Welcome! I invite you to accept my gift (value $300) of a complimentary sample Coaching SUPERvision session for one hour, 8-9:00 am Central Time

This is not a webinar or masterclass or sales call! It is an actual Coaching Supervision sample session for you to sample the experience and for us to see if we want to continue to work together in Coaching SUPERvision. There is no obligation, this is my gift to you.

Because it is an actual Coaching Supervision sample session where a coach will be reflecting on their coaching for the purposes of recharging and supercharging, I do need you to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to our session and email it to me,, with “Coaching Supervision” as the subject. The agreement also explains more about Coaching Supervision in case you have not yet experienced it.

What might you expect from Coaching SUPERvision? Listen for the recharging and supercharging!

My time of supervision with Marilyn O’Hearne helped me explore new ways of being fully present and more attune to the needs of my clients. Her encouragement enabled me to better examine and address my own insecurities and expectations and helped me move toward a growing confidence in my ability to a serve my clients well. Unmasking my own misperceptions and exploring new perspectives, I have a renewed sense of joy and ease in the executive coaching space. I am truly grateful for Marilyn’s support and guidance in my growth and development as a coach.Mark Goeser MA, ACC

Still do not understand what Coaching Supervision is and how it differs from Mentor Coaching? Watch and/or read Brighton West’s interview with me to discover more about this renewing, developmental resource.

How do you prepare for a Coaching Supervision session? I invite you to reflect on these questions and email me prior to our session what you want to reflect on, if anything (see process, below):

  • What is working well in my coaching/supervision engagements?
  • What do I find most challenging in my current engagements? How is it challenging for me?
  • What coaching do I choose to reflect on in this session?
  • How did I choose this coaching session for reflection?
  • How do I expect my supervisor to be with me in this conversation?
  • What do I want from our session: for myself, my clients, their organization, their stakeholders (the systems and people they serve); my learning?

I will bring all of me and my training, expertise to bring out the best in you and your coaching. Our session may include the use of: a Magic Box, Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, TA, and/or Peter Hawkin’s 7 Eyed Model, reflecting on:

  1. Who is your client
  2. What happened with your client in your coaching session? 
  3. Your relationship with your client
  4. Your reactions, awareness, reflections
  5. Our supervisory relationship
  6. My and the group’s reactions, awareness, reflections
  7. The greater systemic context, stakeholders

Group process: We will probably only have time for 1 coach to present what they want to reflect on and for us to respond as a group during the one hour. So it is fine for you to come as a participant without something from your own coaching to reflect on. As a participant you will be invited to respond with a question, metaphor or image that the coach who is reflecting may choose to respond to or not. I will check in with each participant on what they are experiencing, learning and appreciating. It is almost magical how what one coach brings all the coaches can relate to and learn from.

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When you sign up you will receive another gift,  “Two Keys to Impact and Income”. Once I receive your confidentiality agreement, you will receive your Zoom invitation, with additional resources to help you prepare for our sample Coaching SUPERvision group session.

Welcome to our community! I am thrilled you are here, and look forward to our continued connection. If we do not already know each other well, I invite you to tell me a little about yourself when you return your confidentiality agreement. 

To our full potential and prosperity-we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, MCC; CQ Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Unlocking potential, prosperity and peace with leaders, coaches and their organizations through Leadership & Team Coaching, ICF Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision