How are you experiencing the power of peace during wars, conflicts, when you may be facing loss or disharmony in your team, organization and/or life?

Peace is always available/accessible to us, in any circumstance, “the Peace that passes understanding.”

Yet when I consider this world was created for all to be in harmony and peace and see the current suffering, my heart breaks. Combined with this, I experience the pain of impending loss as a loved one begins to say farewell to this life.

I am inspired by the United Nations leaders I have the privilege of coaching, living and working in the world’s “hotspots”, in the midst of disruption and pain. How do they experience peace?

Partly by knowing they are living out their purpose and vision and that of their organization: “to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends.” That inspires me!

How can we experience peace and thrive when our world is not reflecting it? Implement Your 5 Powerful Peace Plans today to thrive even in our tumultuous times!

1.Staying true to our values, purpose, vision. My UN and other leadership, team and mentor coaching clients inspire me to reflect on mine, making sure I am living them out. Integrity, living from values, contributes to inner peace! My Executive, Leadership, Team, Mentor Coaching and Coaching SUPERvision clients find this focus renewing. My vision board is within view as I work, inspiring me, like my clients do, to keep working toward a world where all have the opportunity to live into their full potential and experience prosperity and peace.

2. Gratitude: Recent research finds that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits (This has been taught spiritually for centuries):

  • Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure
  • Higher levels of positive emotions (including peace, tranquility)
  • More joy, optimism, and happiness
  • Acting with more generosity and compassion
  • Feeling less lonely and isolated.* (challenging for me right now, how about you?)

3. Choosing to put ourselves in settings where we open to peace:

Some of my favorites (What are yours?):  

  • Laughter
  • Nature
  • Worship
  • Creative expression, movement
  • Quiet time, centering, praying. “The Fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness.  Against such there is no law.”

4. Reflecting on a Peaceful Presence that is greater than ourselves-remembering we do not carry the weight of the world on our narrow shoulders  Reaching out to God and others to share the load.(I have practices that help me remember this that I use multiple times a day, how about you? And I delight in reading how people are choosing to step up and share the load of our essential workers.)

5. Ego disarmament or “How to Painlessly Pierce Over-inflated Ego for Greater Results” because attachment to being right leads to a battlefield, not peace.

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To our success, full potential, prosperity and peace-we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC; CQ Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation 913-327-0611

Unlocking potential, prosperity and peace for leaders, coaches and their organizations through Executive, Leadership & Team Coaching, Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision

PS Additional resources for experiencing peace, renewal and resilience:

Watch my centering video -it calls us to remember (and we can give thanks for) all the gifts, experiences that have brought us this far and will be with us as we move forward, contributing to peace and grace under fire. (check out podcast interviews on that page as well)

In another blog I identify Spiritual Intelligence as a key ingredient to individual and team success: “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion (heart, love), while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.” (“Grace under fire”, including managing ambiguity, is a key characteristic of Executive Presence for leaders.)

*Greater Good in Action, University of California, Berkeley

First published on the November 25, 2015 and updated