Focus, in these times? We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Culturally Complex & Ambiguous world, which includes actual floods as well as our brains flooding. The effects on us? self doubt, eroded confidence and difficulties with focus. We are bombarded with 11 million bits of info per moment and our brains can only process forty bits of information per moment. Our brains set up thousands of automatic filtering systems where unconscious bias, which can limit potential, occurs. How do we move from flooded to focus for greater impact and results?

My UN leadership coaching clients, who literally carry the lives of many on their shoulders, delight in being introduced to a practice taking only moments which results in moving us from this brain flooded place to focus, creativity, resourcefulness and being ready for whatever is next.

You want that too, you say? It is called centering, and I lead you through it in a five minute video on my website’s Interviews, Reviews and Contributions page. Want to know more about how it works? A second video on Youtube provides the neuroscience behind it: Find your ideal stress level for focus, leadership and development. Centering moves the blood flow from the back of your brain where you respond in a reactive way, to the frontal neocortex where you can make proactive decisions and access the 11 choices available to us at anytime, according to String Theory. Invitation: make this a game! See if you can get to 11 options as a team, family, as a program participant now does.

Like my leadership, team, mentor coaching and coaching supervision clients, you may already have practices you do outside your workday to help with maintaining this centered state, including prayer or meditation. Me too! And you can incorporate your spiritual practice into the centering. What may be new is learning to take a few moments, preferably multiple times a day, during your workday to pause and refresh your brain, body and spirit. The results include clearer, innovative, inspiring visions and improved decision making, as cited in a recent Harvard Business Review article.

I invite you to do share these same results! Start with the centering video- it is easy and fun! I begin with this move from the flooded unconscious, where we spend 98+% of our time, to the conscious in my Cultural Intelligence, Cultural Mindset; Bias and other programs. Change starts with awareness.

Want to further develop your focus, fulfill your vision for greater success, unlocking all potential? Apply for an Unlock Potential strategy session.

Stay tuned till next week!

To our potential, prosperity and peace-we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, MCC

Unlocking potential, prosperity and peace for leaders, coaches and their organizations through CQ Leadership & Team Coaching, Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision

Update of a May 9, 2018 blog, where I added:

PS I led a webinar for International Coaching Week for International Coaching Federation Singapore, that included centering. I have been inviting clients, readers and University students to take a minute an hour (Institute for Stress Management recommendation) to renew for 35 years, with amazing results. I learned the centering exercise from the late Doug Silsbee, author of Presence Based Coaching, years ago. He said if you do it 10 times a day it will change your life! Let me know if you accept this challenge, and what you experience as a result.