Marilyn O’Hearne here today talking about the power of vision in unlocking potential, prosperity and peace. We know that vision really is a powerful agent for energizing and inspiring people and moving people and organizations forward. Vision is defined as a desired future and potential is also about developing that capacity for the future; becoming the person or the organization that we can be.

They are both future oriented and very energizing, so what gets in the way of harnessing vision to unlock potential, prosperity and peace? We know one block can be not having a clear vision. How do you achieve that?

1.Taking time to get clear, starting with taking a few deep breaths to literally clear our brain. Neuroscience tells us that those deep breaths change the blood flow so we can access that creative decision making neocortex part of our brain.

Taking time in our VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain,  Complex and Ambiguous to get clear on our vision and then to (2) clearly communicate it so that others can be engaged helps us to achieve this desired future state. It is energizing and inspiring especially when people can understand their role they are playing in helping to achieve that vision. So number one is getting clear on your vision. Number two is clearly communicating your vision.

3. is keeping that message consistent so that it stands out amongst all the other messaging and that takes a plan. So I just ask you today, leaders and coaches, how are you doing on your vision?

I am inviting and challenging you to take a couple of minutes at least to take a few deep breaths and check in with yourself on how clear is your vision, and how clearly are you communicating it in a compelling way so that people are getting engaged and are inspired? Then you will be harnessing that energy to move your vision and organization forward, leaders and coaches.

I look forward to hearing how you are doing on harnessing the power of vision to unlock potential, prosperity and peace by clarifying and consistently communicating your vision.

Leaders and coaches, apply for a strategy session on how to best move forward to achieve your vision.

Stay tuned until next week. Thank you.

To your full potential, prosperity and peace (and our success, we are in this together!),

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC; CQ MCC