How to Be a Powerful Direct Communicator Without Crossing the Line into Being Too Directive

Do you find yourself on the thin line of wanting to be direct without crossing the line into being too directive where you may lose clients, customers, direct reports (and fail your coaching exam)?

As a globally experienced Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach, I see other coaches and the leaders I work with struggling to find this balance.

In my 7 session virtual course you will discover how to:

  • Deal with Ambiguity (Constant in our VUCA world! Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)
  • use Intuition: That rapid, 2 second decision making provides a competitive edge and can even be life- and business- saving, as Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Blink.
  • Recognize Cultural Differences: so you are “just right” on the “Directometer”
  • Expand (and shift) Perspectives by Using “You are” statements: speaking from your heart to the heart of the matter
  • deliver Clear, “Compassionate Edge” Feedback: speaking from your heart to the heart of the matter
  • Transform through Metaphors: learn this successful “backdoor to the brain” (bypassing resistance) methodology!

All without “crossing the line!”

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