Conflict and pain are all around us, from the 110 armed conflicts globally to oops and ouches at holiday gatherings, within teams, with clients due to low Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

If not you, who? The need for culturally intelligent leaders and their CQ thought partner coaches is great, as leaders strive to live up to their DEIB pledges and thrive in our rapidly changing, uncertain diverse, global workplace and yet may be faced with “oops”, conflict, talent loss, missed opportunities.

If not you, who? If not now, when, leaders and coaches, will you increase your Cultural Intelligence for greater impact, decreased costly conflict? How are you cutting through uncertainty to clarity, focus and confidence as you navigate our rapidly changing and culturally complex world?

How will your boosting your CQ through our Culturally Intelligent, #UnlockALLPotential leadership, team and mentor coaching decrease conflict and loss as well as increase impact?

  • Just as diplomacy, “the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way,” decreases conflict and loss and increases impact, so does cultural intelligence, “the recognizing and understanding of the beliefs, values, attitudes, rank and behaviors of people (including your own!) with distinct cultural identities (gender, generation, ethnicity, race, region, ability/disability including neurodiversity, etc); and then applying that awareness toward effective behavior and communication.”

Examplea global coach almost lost a contract because they did not explore the beliefs, values, expectations of their organizational client and was sending very brief communications without formal greetings and closings, which the client found rude and offensive.
My CQ mentor coaching and coaching guides you in how to explore and discover the beliefs, values, expectations of those you partner with to decrease conflict, loss, and increase impact. “The Most Important Question to Ask” is the title of alumni Antonia Bowring, PCC’s Forbes article on this guidance.

  • Increase the sense of belonging, trust and partnership your clients, team, family experience, enabling you to proceed more quickly and easily. People want to be seen, heard, understood.

Example: Asking about culture at the beginning of a coaching engagement, even with a client who looked like me, sharing my cultural identities of gender, race, and generation, led to my leadership coaching client immediately identifying the cultural beliefs behind her not speaking up enough which both she and her organization wanted to shift, and successfully making that shift, enabling her and the organization to advance. “The importance of the client’s culture was crystallized as well and how they relate to the ICF coaching competencies which clearly sets apart this mentoring program from all the rest. Marilyn brings a vast amount of global coaching experience and a depth of cultural awareness, which served to teach us how to deepen the trust and understanding in the coaching relationship. I was told when I was looking for a mentor coach, that there was none better than Marilyn and they were right!” Anne Quiello, MS, PCC

  • Fresh, invigorating perspectives, increased confidence with my support

Example:  Partnering with a high potential, neurodivergent leader to update their self image whose view of themselves was lower than others, as discovered in their 360. This had created a communication hesitancy that was slowing them downOur coaching sped up their communication, with greater confidence, leading to their and their organization’s advancement. “Your Cultural Lens was THE Missing piece, Marilyn! With your support, I now stand in confidence and OWN the work I do with my amazing, coachable ADHD clients. Can’t thank you enough!!” Diane McLean, MEd, MCC

If not you, who? If not now, when, leaders and coaches, will you increase your Cultural Intelligence for greater impact, decreased costly conflict?

Coaches, want to join experienced coaches who have included a former diplomat, cultural anthropologist, DEIB experts, coach training program founders, mentor coaches who were not trained to integrate CQ with their coaching and realize its crucial importance in our global, diverse, culturally complex and continually changing world, as well as differentiating them in the marketplace? Check out our Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching + Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate program with 30 hours ICF CCE, and let me know by phone or email (below), time and openings are running out.

Leaders and many organizations are struggling with how to manage the diversity of their workforce. Demographic shifts in the population related to age, gender, race, religion, ability/disability including nationality and ethnicity, etc. are presenting organizations with challenges and opportunities many may not fully be fully at capacity to manage. If you are a leader facing this and want to explore how we could become thought partners through executive, leadership, team coaching, schedule an UnlockALLPotential Strategy Session with me.

Thank you for your readership and support. How can I best support you as we prepare to close out this year and start a new one? 

Wishing you the gifts of this holiday season: peace, hope, love and joy.


Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC; CQ Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation 913-327-0611

Unlocking potential, prosperity and peace for leaders, coaches and their organizations through CQ Leadership & Team Coaching, Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision

Image: I was honored to serve as part of the global coach team at the NGO Leadership Coaching Summit in Ethiopia, hosted by EthicalCoach ( at the United Nations Conference Center.