Articles Featuring Marilyn include:

Biased? Not Me! Or so we think: Tips to fight unconscious bias, The Kansas City Star, April 2017; The Eagle-Tribune, June 4, 2017; Seattle Times, September 18, 2017 (Associated Press)

Head Coaches: More executives turn to trainers to maximize performance, Kansas City Business Journal, Oct 2007

Interviews, Podcasts include:

World Business Executive Coaching Summit WBECS Pre-Summit Panelist: Cross Cultural Experiences: Lessons from EthicalCoach Ethiopia June 11, 2019 with Nbantu Mptolo, Katherine Holt (13 minute video and text excerpt)

Improving Work Culture and Bias with Marilyn O’Hearne, Let’s Talk Tri Delta

What is Coaching Supervision? Interview by Brighton West that explains the difference between Mentor Coaching and Supervision.

Masterful Partnerships with Meg Rentschler and other MCCs, STaR Coach Show, May 22, 2019

Cultural Intelligence and Direct Communication with Meg Rentschler, STaR Coach Show, May 8, 2019

Essence Of Mastery Summit “How to Directly Communicate without Crossing the Line” with Annie Gelfand, sponsored by Gail Moore. June 2019

Embracing the Power of Our Differences. with Karla Walker. Voice America Radio, December 11, 2018

Coaching for values. Discover your values, Nov 2018

Breaking free from bias. Inspired Wisdom, June 2018

Breaking free from bias: prevent costly complaints, conflicts and talent loss. Excellent Executive Coaching with Dr Katrina Burrus, MCC, June 2017

Decrease Bias, boost impact with Divya Parekh. Beyond Confidence radio Show, November 14, 2016


Breaking Free from Bias: Preventing Costly Complaints, Conflict and Talent Loss 2017 PNP Press

Bias article in Smart Manager 2019 “Diversity Dividends”

Law & Ethics in Coaching 2006 – Wiley (publisher)
Co-authored the chapter, “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” with Charles Hamrick

Column series for: The Kansas City Star as well as Kansas City Magazine online and features for the Brazil Herald Latin American Daily Post

Youtube Channel with 80+ videos, including Marilyn’s interviews with leaders in the field as well as the most popular Centering for Effectiveness: Learn a centering practice to result in your being open, flexible with confident presence (as a coach, leader or in any setting). You will then be better able to access the 11 options you have available at all times, according to String Theory, as you will be freed up from distractions and better able to engage your head and heart. Based on Doug Silsbee’s Presence Based Coaching. If you practice it ten times a day, it will change your life! he said.