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Meet Marilyn

Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, and International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach is a globally experienced, culturally intelligent, award winning executive and leadership, team and mentor coach who has worked with leaders and coaches in more than 40 countries.

“Marilyn is a gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.”


As an innovative, visionary thought partner, Marilyn sees herself as a co-pilot by your side, partnering with you to precisely map out the journey ahead, identify and overcome potential obstacles, make sure everyone else is on board and arriving on time, and stay focused, on course as you further develop your team, your organization, and yourself. As pilot and co-pilot, we keep the big, aerial picture in mind, incorporating multicultural, global perspectives and a systems approach.

And as you fly out into the unknown sea of change, Marilyn’s faith and gentle strength provide a firm launching pad that does not jettison off, but continues with you as you rocket to transformation!

With Marilyn at their side, leaders, teams & ICF coaches move from overwhelm and uncertainty of our rapidly changing and culturally complex world to clarity, focus and confidence, unlocking prosperity and higher individual and organizational impact and success.


For Leadership, Executive & Team Coaching, Retreats

  •  Move from uncertainty to clarity, confidence and increased effectiveness/prosperity with Marilyn as your culturally intelligent, globally experienced (clients in over 40 countries) thought partner
  • Clients report renewed energy/passion for their vision which leads to prosperity rather than burn out and costly loss of talent
  • She quickly assesses your situation and co-develops a plan with you to achieve your goals, providing the accountability, support and challenge for sustainable results as your coach

For Mentor Coaching & Coaching Supervision

  • She has trained, supervised and mentored hundreds of coaches internationally
  • Besides their 99% ICF Credentialing success rate, coaches report their clients noticing and benefiting from their significant improvements in coaching and cultural intelligence skills
  • Marilyn’s innovative coaching programs result in enhanced cultural and coaching competencies with increased confidence, ease and renewed energy, passion

Marilyn is an ICF Master Certified Coach and honors and abides by the ICF code of ethics.



  • Coach since 1998
  • Mentor Coach since 2003
  • Master Certified Coach ICF since 2005
  • More than 5000 hours of coaching (leaders, teams & coaches)

Publications & Awards

  • Author of Breaking Free from Bias; contributor to Law & Ethics in Coaching, The Successful Mind, Humanity@Work, Creative Reflective Practice: Global perspectives for critical reflection, Coaching by the Book; articles for the Kansas City Star, the Brazil Herald / Latin American Daily Post, etc
  • ICF Heartland Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Thomas Leonard Achievement Award honoring Visionary, Innovative Coaches
  • ICF Circle of Distinction Award for contributing to CQ & DEIB in coaching

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Communication
  • Culture, Cultural Intelligence, DEIB
  • Coaching Skills
  • Mentor coaching & supervision
  • High Potentials, Onboarding, Legacy
  • Retreats


    • MA, University of Kansas
    • Master Certified Coach, ICF (representing over 500 training hours and 5,000 coaching hours)
    • Coaching and Mentoring International (UK)
    • Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate


    • Participants have 99% ICF Credentialing success rate
    • Clients in over 40 countries
    • Leaders and teams report better decision making & delegation, and fewer conflicts

    Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Podcast Guest

    • Audiences from Brazil to Shanghai delighted with takeaways
    • Application begins in participatory sessions
    • Engaging global communicator
    • Virtual and live

    Recent client engagements results

    • Director of Finance for a US Division of a Global Corporation: Partnered to improve communication skills in alignment with the organization’s communication style and pace as well as increasing awareness of perceptions and emotions on performance and productivity.
    • High Potential Manager: Coached client to improve communication timing and delivery and risk taking as well as further developing strengths and vision, resulting in being promoted to director level.
    • Female Country Directors: Coaching inspired confidence as well as increased capacity to speak up and step up into higher leadership positions, including speaking of accomplishments.
    • Western European leader working in South America in a multinational office who was challenged by and impatient with cultural differences: Increased cultural intelligence awareness, leading to improved negotiation skills and external partnerships, resulting in increasing their individual and the organization’s effectiveness and results.
    • Team leader wanting to increase trust in employees and their effectiveness: Leader became aware of where they were not following through with their own commitments. When this started to shift, the team trust and effectiveness rose as well.
    • Director struggling with manager of one of their teams of different gender and ethnicity. Coaching result: Team conflicts and complaints decreased while effectiveness increased including timeliness and improved relationships with external partners.
    • Organization at risk for losing valuable leader due to burn out: Enabled retention, development of the key leader through coaching. The leader reported renewed productivity, plus the sustained benefits of making decisions based on vision, values and strengths.
    • Coached Japanese leader to clarify professional expectations and vision in balance with family expectations as well as succession planning.
    • Recently promoted Director: Coached to identify and reach leadership development and organizational goals in alignment with Executive Director’s vision and expectations while increasing confidence, overcoming Imposters Syndrome.
    • Retreat participant goes from “lost” to “organized, productive, and moving ahead on rewarding and meaningful goals, all in good balance! Most of all, I feel happy, fulfilled, and motivated, I have a smile on my face and heart.. life-changing for me!

    Countries I lived in



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