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“Do you know how to explore culture in your coaching?”

Culturally Confident Mentor Coaching differentiates you in the market

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Mentor Coaching to Advance Your Coaching and Your ICF Credential

Unlock your and your clients’ full potential and prosperity while differentiating yourself in the marketplace with leading edge CQ.

Unlock All Potential

Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching + Certificate Program

Increase your and your clients’ impact and success as you advance your coaching, credentialing and CQ in this unique combined mentor coaching + Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate program.

Cultural Intelligence is crucial and expected in our diverse, global environment and with the updated ICF competencies.

Why this program? Here are just some of the reasons this program is unique and highly recommended:

  • Up to 30 hours ICF CCE: Continuing Coach Education; 26 in Core Competencies (more core than required for credential renewal)
    • Opportunity to earn the Culturally intelligent Coaching™ Certificate
    • Access to and feedback from global, diverse colleagues as well as award winning Marilyn O’Hearne MCC, known for her confidence building style
    • 99% Credentialing Success Rate

    An opportunity for you to:


    Earn more! Credentialed coaches reported higher fees and annual income plus increased client satisfaction, according to the ICF Price Waterhouse Cooper Global Coaching Study and our alumni.


    Increase your business! 81% of consumers rate credentialing as important or very important. More organizations and governments are requiring an ICF credential for their coaches. Plus, do not miss out on business opportunities due to unknown cultural bias or expectations!


    Deepen and strengthen your coaching and cultural competency mastery (ICF’s updated competencies); define your unique style and increase confidence for greater impact with those you serve leading to more business opportunities.


    Receive impactful feedback (written and oral) from an award winning, experienced, ICF Assessor trained CQ Master Certified Coach and your colleagues from diverse trainings, styles, experience and backgrounds, gaining perspectives and leading edge cultural confidence that further sharpens your coaching and prepares you to be the best coach for many different audiences, expanding your business opportunities.


    Earn your Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate and badge while you complete your mentor coaching, further differentiating yourself in the marketplace, through demonstrating your CQ in your coaching as well as completing reports on our readings and recordings, for up to 30 hours ICF CCE (26 in Core Competency).

    What is cultural intelligence? the recognizing and understanding of the beliefs, values, attitudes, rank and behaviors of people (including your own!) with distinct cultural identities (gender, generation, ethnicity, race, region, ability/disability including neurodiversity, etc); and then applying that awareness toward effective behavior and communication.

    “More clients, expanded business, taken me to the next level with my coaching and credentialing”, participant Liz Dobbins, now PCC. 100% Success rate for PCC & ACC!

    • The Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching + Certificate Program has a 99% ICF credentialing success since 2014 among participants from ACC to MCC who apply our feedback.
    • Completion of the 10 hour International Coach Federation mentor coaching requirement AND Earn up to 30 hours ICF CCE toward credentialing or renewal.
    • Opportunity to earn the Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate 
    • So much value added: mentor coaching +cultural competencies + simultaneously earning the Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ certificate + books, and successful ICF MCC and PCC recordings. Fun!


    What is offered in this 3 month program?

    What do you get?

    • Group mentor coaching sessions, 7 one hour live, recorded for your review.
    • Individual mentor coaching sessions: 3 one hour live
    • Expert Feedback from Marilyn on your recorded coaching sessions for greatest client impact and credentialing success
    • Accountability and support including practice and learning with peers  in between sessions.
    • Celebration of successes and the joy of learning and development with your peers as you receive oral and written feedback!
    • Resources include: The Coaches Guide To Becoming Culturally Confident based on research and my expertise in the field including MCC since 2005, Mentor Coach and Trainer since 2003, 6 years on the ICF Global Board; co-authoring a chapter on “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” in Law and Ethics in Coaching; our Breaking Free from Bias plus “Developing a Cultural Mindset for Success” chapter and our growing library of successfully passed MCC and PCC recordings for your CCEs and Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ certificate!
    • Private community to connect, collaborate and communicate with your diverse, global peers as we build out your “dream team.”

    A recurrent way to continue development

    Astrik Gabrielyan, ACC

    A mentoring program set apart from all the rest

    “I had the pleasure of participating in Marilyn’s Culturally Confident Virtual Mentoring Program, and grew my coaching skills and abilities by quantum leaps. The importance of our clients’ culture and how they relate to the ICF coaching competencies was crystallized, which clearly sets this mentoring program apart from all the rest. When I was looking for a mentor coach, I was told that there was none better than Marilyn and they were right!”

    Anne Quiello, ACC

    From Unsure to Confident PCC, Excited for What's Next

    Marilyn without your guidance, I am not sure if I would have pursued the PCC. I realized how much I needed to continue my growth, review and rejuvenate the competencies. It was well worth my time, effort and significantly impacted my coaching skills. I feel proud and confident and excited for what’s next.

    Janet Muller, PCC

    Honoring the cultural uniqueness of each client

    “Marilyn O’Hearne is a gifted coach who models the ICF competencies in all she does with her mentoring clients, and challenges her mentees to take their coaching to the next level through understanding and honoring the cultural uniqueness of each client.”

    “The cultural packet and inclusion of the cultural competencies in the feedback is very instructive and has helped me to be more sensitive to the uniqueness of each client.”

    A safe space to explore

    “Marilyn, you have an amazingly peaceful presence that invades all our calls. I find this creates a safe space for me to explore, comment and ask questions. You also have a great belief in our capability as coaches and this is encouraging.”

    Tiffany Carlsen, United Kingdom “

    Cultural Lens Leads to Confident MCC

    “Your Cultural Lens was THE Missing piece, Marilyn! With your support, I now stand in confidence and OWN the work I do with my amazing, coachable ADHD clients. Can’t thank you enough!!”

    Diane McLean, MEd, MCC

    Income Increased to "Substantial Six Figure"

    MCC Credentialing Success, Overcoming Gremlins!

    “Marilyn, you inspired me to overcome the “gremlins” telling me I could not achieve my MCC, including the voice of a previous mentor. I owe so much to you for your mentoring and am eternally grateful for your encouragement and guidance.” Jennifer Vogel, MS, MCC

    BIG improvement in skills

    “I joined Marilyn’s Culturally Confident Mentor Group program because I wanted to up level my coaching skills and feel better prepared to apply for my PCC accreditation. Marilyn’s mentor coach style is gentle yet direct with some very practical techniques I could immediately apply with my clients. I noticed a BIG improvement in my skills and my clients did too! Please give yourself a gift and work with Marilyn like I did. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your clients.”

    Jenna Stoliker PCC

    Inner transformation happens dramatically

    “I found not only the competencies but also inner transformation happened dramatically. At the beginning of the program, I felt myself lacking confidence, almost like a turtle, slow and worried. With your love and patience, I gained back my courage.”

    Participant from China

    Increased Client Impact and Confidence through CQ

    My clients feel fully seen and heard as all their cultural identities are recognized and embraced, moving more confidently toward their goals and dreams.  Pausing for a bias or assumption check allows them new ways to move forward.” Tami Hollingsworth-Dowd, M.Ed, MC


    Program Details


    You qualify for this program if you:

    •  Currently are coaching
    • Have either completed or are close to completing the other ICF ACC, PCC or MCC requirements or are already an MCC and want to earn 30 hours CCE and the Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate. Click here for the ICF requirements for your review, and here to learn about the new proctored exam. Questions? Ask ICF, review my FAQs (below); reach out to me.
    • Have completed a minimum of 60 hours coach training and 100 hours of coaching
    • Note: you can count our 30 hours as training towards an initial credential

    Program Agreement and Investment

    $2997 for the three month CQ Mentor Coaching + Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate program for ACC and PCC; $3497 for MCC; both programs simultaneously, each valued at $2500. Invest now for your future!

    This Culturally Confident Coach Certificate Mentor Coaching™ + Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate program is designed to strengthen key (updated) ICF coaching competencies and areas for development. I want to partner with you to not only advance your credentialing (99+% success rate!), but also increase your confidence in both competencies: coaching and culture while earning additional CCEs and our Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate.

    Our integration of both competencies has provided an edge for our alumni the past 9 years, ahead of the addition of cultural context in the ICF competencies: “Remains aware of and open to the influence of context and culture on self and others,”  Embodies a Coaching Mindset, as well as Maintains Presence, Cultivating Trust and Safety, Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Listens Actively.

    Stay on the leading edge with us! Register for our CQ Mentor Coaching Demonstration here


    PS: Our program is a huge value add over individual mentoring for 2 programs (each valued at $2500) at one time: Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching™+ Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate for only $3497 for MCC; $2997 for ACC or PCC, earning up to 30 ICF CCEs (26 in Core), and further differentiating yourself in the marketplace with the Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching™ Certificate + advancing your ICF Credential, with access to our resource library including successfully passed recordings! You’ve got this-I believe in you! Contact Marilyn for income sensitive pricing.

    Want to know more?
    Call me 1-913-327-0611 or book a Strategy Session


    Program Dates

    •  Sign up 1/1 if possible please (registration is almost full, only 3 openings), closing soon!) to guarantee your place for our final cohort January 23-April 16, 2024 including our  Alumni/Participant Zoom February 27. Contact me to see how and when I can partner with you to achieve your credentialing and coaching goals. This is the FINAL cohort I will be leading the program, after 10 years, and training and licensing with coaches to continue this important work unless I start a program for MCCs: contact me if you are interested.
    • Group full? I invite you to sign up for the newsletter (end of this page) so you do not miss other opportunities. Click here to access our licensees next cohort
    • Meeting Dates: Mentor Coaching group sessions: January 23, February 6, 20; March 5, 19; April 2, 16; every other Tuesday, meeting every two weeks; plus three individual sessions to be scheduled between Marilyn and each coach participant at our mutual convenience. Plus additional Alumni/Participant Zoom February 27. Note: ICF requires mentor coaching to be over a three month period, with a maximum of 10 participants.
    • Group Meeting Times: Tuesdays 8am Central Standard Time -US, 10pm Hong Kong, 2pm London. Note: based on US Central time, may vary with daylight savings scheduled to start March 10
    • Duration of the calls: One hour.
    • ICF limits the group to 10. Our programs fill with a wait list, so don’t delay.
    • Jan. ’24 participants are already accessing all our rich resources now, and you can too!

    Who needs mentor coaching? If you are applying for ICF credentials as a PA (Portfolio Applicant), or through a program that does not offer mentor coaching, you will need 10 hours of mentor coaching, 7 of which can be in a group. If you are applying for ACC renewal, you will need 10 more mentor coaching hours. If you aspire to achieve MCC status, you will need to be mentored by an MCC. Or you may want the development opportunity + ICF CCEs in a select community of coaches, with the added Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ edge for greater impact and income! Our alumni repeat the program for for continued development, with our program continuing to add new resources and increased value.


    The Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate provides a greater marketplace differentiation and up to 30 hours ICF CCE (Coach Education, 26 in Core) integrated with mentor coaching. It is earned through self study (3 books and book chapters as well as MCC recordings provided) and reflective application in 12 brief reports for the 30 hours CCEs. “90% of leading executives from 68 countries identify intercultural skills as among the most important capabilities required to remain competitive.”

    Marilyn Interviews the ICF Director of Credentialing on the importance of culture and bias in the competencies and assessment process.

    Why Say YES!


    The coaching market continues to expand. Organizations are increasingly booking credentialed, culturally intelligent coaches through coach brokers to meet market demand. Are you keeping up with where coaching is going or being left behind?


    The Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching Program has a 99% credentialing success. With renewed confidence in your coaching and cultural competencies you will be better positioned to go to the next level in your coaching and business.“I have acquired more coaching clients, my master classes have expanded globally,” Liz Dobbins, participating three times: for her ACC, PCC and MCC.


    Why the ICF credential? An ICF credential demonstrates rigor, integrity, and increased opportunities, is internationally recognized and, with some organizations, required.


    Our increasingly interconnected world and diverse workforce requires culturally confident coaches.  “CQ is a critical capability for navigating today’s increasingly global and diverse business environment. It’s so important that we made it one of our core behaviors at PwC.” – Robert Mortiz, US Chair PWC. “90% of leading executives from 68 countries identify intercultural skills as among the most important capabilities required to remain competitive.”– Ang, Van Dyne, & Rockstuhl


    Experience an exclusive, leading edge, business and ICF CCE expanding, unique combination of coaching and cultural competencies certification!

    What is cultural intelligence? the recognizing and understanding of the beliefs, values, attitudes, rank and behaviors of people (including your own!) with distinct cultural identities (gender, generation, ethnicity, race, region, ability/disability including neurodiversity, etc); and then applying that awareness toward effective behavior and communication.

    Why choose me as your mentor coach?

    • Success! You will be joining the hundreds of coaches I have trained and mentored since 2003 who have successfully advanced their credentials and coaching with me for greater business results. 99% credentialing success!
    • Increased breadth and depth leading to masterful coaching for sustainable success. I help you establish MCC practices no matter your level of experience to take your coaching, credentialing and business results to a different level. You gain from my experience and investment in trainings that have done the same for my coaching and business, including multiple year work with the United Nations, EthicalCoach Ethiopia, Right Management/Manpower, Energy Companies, etc.
    • I fell in love with coaching in ’98, have served as trainer and mentor of hundreds of coaches (live and virtual, in 2 programs) since 2003 and earned my ICF MCC in 2005.
    mentor-coaching-with Marilyn-O'Hearne-MCC-5
    • Stay ahead of trends by learning with an award winning coach leader who keeps her finger on the coaching pulse by completing the ICF Assessor training, moderating the Coaching Think Tank, serving 6 years as ICF Global Board Member; Association of Coach Training Organizations Board Member, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches Presenter with additional training in Team Coaching, Deep Transformational Coaching (Bali), Immunity to Change, Presence Based Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Intercultural Communication, Hard Conversations about Racism and White Privilege Faculty Group, Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ as well as developing “Avoiding Cultural Oops: How to Be Direct without Crossing the Line” and “How to Be a Peaceful Presence in a Divided World”, presenting the latter at the UN mandated University of Peace in Costa Rica.
    • You are in good hands! I provide a safe partnership to further develop your coaching competencies, confidence and therefore business: Clients and trainees describe me as “a gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.” “Marilyn’s gentle strength, warmth, humor, integrity, and excellent communication promote the trust required for producing sustained results; providing a secure foundation while challenging clients to be their best.”


    When is the best time to apply for an ICF credential? Now! What about the new exam?

    The requirements and financial investment continue to go up as well as the demand for credentialed coaches, so the best time to advance your ICF credential is now.

    The new, proctored ICF Credentialing exam (note sample questions), based on the updated coaching competencies, is now required for all credential applicants except renewing ACCs, at an additional fee, beginning August 2022.

    Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be contacted via email with an invitation to take the three hour “closed book” exam, with 81 scenarios (two minutes per scenario).

    Tips: For each scenario, you choose a best and worst answer out of 4 choices. Best: client centered, curious, transparent. Worst: coach centered, leading, biased. Passing: 77%. This can be taken in person or virtually. You will need all three hours, with one five minute break. Results provided within 24 hours. $105 to retest. You may ask for accomodations, providing medical proof. You may pay for a translator.

    Can I take this program again and still earn the 30 hours ICF CCE?

    Yes! So long as we add new content, which is not a problem! I’ve contributed to a book a year, add new MCC recordings, do an ICF program a year (ICF Finland in 2022). It’s worth having mentor coaching at least every other year, if not every year, to refine my practice and deepen my understanding of the coach’s competencies by reviewing others’ sessions.  We need to keep sharpening our saws,” two time participant, Shoko Masuda.

    Can I count this program as training hours toward a first ICF credential?

    Yes, for an initial credential portfolio application, the CQ Coaching Certificate™ 20 Coach Education hours could be counted as training hours as it is ICF CCE approved as well as receive the 10 hours of Mentor Coaching, or 30 hours for the entire program, with 26 hours as Core Competency and 4 as Resource Development.

    How are the CQ Mentor Coaching +Certificate 30 hours ICF CCE counted?

    When you complete the 12 reports showing you have read and listened to the materials and described how you will implement your learning, as well as demonstrate your Cultural Intelligence in your Coaching Recordings during the program and attend a one hour competency based alumni/participant Zoom, you will be awarded the Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate and, along with completing your 10 Mentor Coaching hours, earn a total of 30 hours, 26 in Core Competency plus 4 Resource Development, for the combination Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate and Mentor Coaching program, providing market differentiation. 

    Do I Need to Demonstrate All 37 ICF PCC markers or all MCC MSRs in my performance assessment?

    Not all 37 markers need to be demonstrated to pass the ICF Performance Assessment at the PCC level. Coaches should be able to demonstrate a solid number of the behaviors overall, and should demonstrate a number of markers within each competency area (Competencies 3 – 8). Example: for Marker 7.6 closed vs. open questions, a candidate would need to demonstrate a capacity to ask primarily open questions . “While the scoring mechanism for the MCC BARS is different from the PCC Markers,… much like the PCC Markers, a coach may not demonstrate each behavior or skill described by the MCC BARS and still pass the performance evaluation. The candidate earns an average score for each competency area, as well as the MCC Overall Behaviors, based on their demonstrated skill. Then, the competency-level scores are averaged to determine the candidate’s overall score.”

    mentor-coaching-with Marilyn-O'Hearne-MCC-4
    What is the difference between Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision?

    Mentor Coaching is focused on the demonstration of the coaching competencies, while Coaching Supervision provides the space to reflect on your role, relationship and ethics as a coach while renewing and further developing.

    Why the Culturally Intelligent Coaching Certificate™ and Culturally Confident approach ?

    An additional marketplace differentiator and ICF CCEs for a total of 30 for our Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching + Certificate program.

    Increasing your cultural intelligence contributes to increased impact as your clients “feel completely heard and understood, resulting in more confidently achieving goals and vision.” (program participant’s client). Cited in “The Question that Changes Everything” Forbes. Recognized in the ICF updated competencies.

    CQ (cultural intelligence) is a critical capability for navigating today’s increasingly global and diverse business environment. It’s so important that we made it one of our core behaviors at PwC.” Robert Mortiz, US Chair PWC. “90% of leading executives from 68 countries identify intercultural skills as among the most important capabilities required to remain competitive.”– Ang, Van Dyne, & Rockstuhl. “#1 Predictor of Success,” American Management Association article.

    What is cultural intelligence? the recognizing and understanding of the beliefs, values, attitudes, rank and behaviors of people (including your own!) with distinct cultural identities (gender, generation, ethnicity, race, region, ability/disability including neurodiversity, etc); and then applying that awareness toward effective behavior and communication. “It is impossible to not work interculturally!” Even in your own community!

    The Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate is offered  in conjunction with this program ($2500 as a separate program), with additional requirements of 3 book reports (books provided) as well as written feedback or reports on 9 recordings, including MCC and PCC passed coaching and recordings on integrating CQ with coaching competencies; as well as demonstrating CQ in your coaching.

    Today’s technology makes it very easy to serve clients in different regions (I have coached, taught, trained, presented in 40+ countries since 1998!).


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