Mixed Blessings and How to Make Each Moment Count


I am literally waking in the morning with a song in my heart (and head), a praise song, giving thanks for abundant blessings. The timing is perfect for my home to be secure in my 3 month Asia Pacific journey absence with family members making a temporary move into my home as the condo they were renting is being sold. What a relief!

I give thanks for additional invitations (accepted!) to meet and sometimes present with or for colleagues in Adelaide, Australia ; Jakarta, Indonesia and Tokyo, Japan, as well as assisting with a Coach Training in Bali, co-presenting at the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches Conference in South Korea and visiting one daughter there! That is now a total of 5 areas; all places I have never been before-always my favorite destination! And I am in conversation with the International Coaching Federation South Australia Chapter (and other organizations) regarding presenting while I am there. This adventurous journey and the gracious and generous invitations of my colleagues are truly blessings. (Note: New Zealand was later added to this 2014 agenda)

And this adds to my “to do” list before I leave: additional coordination of plans as well as exchange of ideas and material. Centering, which I will be presenting on in several of these countries for conferences, helps me when I start to feel overwhelmed with everything yet to be done.Centering is a practice taking only moments which results in moving us from this brain flooded place to focus, creativity, resourcefulness and being ready for whatever is next.

 At the same time as my travel plans expanding and enriching, this week I heard of my colleague and fellow Association of Coach Training Organization Board member, Joan King’s, death. I was also saddened and tearful as I learned, the same day, of loved ones’ dramatic health declines.

I experience an increased sense of every moment counting related to these losses as well as the excited count down to my journey. As I am down to one month before leaving, what is essential to do before my departure, and what can be handled while on my journey or upon my return? What else do I need to let go of to make every moment count? Who else do I need to support me? What I know for sure, I will be centering and spending time with those who are precious to me, not knowing how much time we will have together. Therefore I made the challenging decision to resign from two additional volunteer roles.

How are you spending your one precious life? Making each moment count? Untethering to move forward? Giving thanks for your blessings? I’m giving thanks for you!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

CQ, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation





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Originally posted June 14, 2014