ICF Mentor Coaching Answered Questions

ICF is happy to respond to your questions, please allow a few days for a response at support@coachingfederation.org. I highly encourage you to check with them as requirements change. However, if you are trying to make a decision and unable to reach them, I offer this FAQ from my exchanges with them as of 11/21, as well as the image above showing credentialing and renewal requirements.

Resources: https://coachingfederation.org/credential-updates , ICF Credentialing Process (without code) on Vimeo, https://coachfederation.org/training-requirements

  1. Can I count this program as training hours toward a first ICF credential or Continuing Coach Education? Yes, either one, with conditions for the first credential. You list your 10 mentor coaching hours with me, the three month time period. You automatically receive 10 hours of continuing education in core competencies for renewal for mentor coaching. For an initial credential portfolio application, they could be counted as training hours if it is ICF CCE approved.
  2. How are the remaining 13 hours Coach Education counted? A. If you read and listen to the materials on your own, you may count them as Resource Development: you will need to submit summary information and what you learned from it to ICF. B. If you complete the reports showing you have read and listened to the materials and described how you will implement your learning, as well as demonstrate your Cultural Intelligence in your Coaching Recordings during the program, you will be awarded the Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate noting the additional 13 Core Competency (if CCE accredited; our application is in process) or /Resource Development hours.
  3. When does the ICF require mentor coaching hours and who can I use? ICF requires 10 hours of Mentor Coaching for your initial credential, whether that is ACC or PCC. Additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching is required for ACC renewal and for the MCC. Additional Mentor Coaching from ACC to PCC or to renew PCC is not required unless your first Mentor Coach was an ACC, although many coaches choose to engage in Mentor Coaching to keep their skills fresh by receiving feedback. If you are applying for your initial credential via Portfolio or ACSTH, you may use any qualified mentor coach. If you are applying via ACTP pathway, you will complete your mentor coaching within your program.
  4. If I enroll in a Mentor Coaching program when it is not required, can I still use the hours for CCE? Yes, 10 hours per renewal cycle.
  5. How do I enter the Mentor Coaching hours on my credentialing or renewal application, how long does it take and what is the process after I submit the application? There is a place on the application to add mentor coaching.  You add my name, email and number of hours mentored, 7 group and 3 individual, over the 3 month time period upon completing our mentor coaching program. You automatically receive 10 hours of continuing education in core competencies for renewal for mentor coaching. Occasionally coaches make a mistake on the dates and have to correct it, which slows down your application. It can take up to 24 weeks for a credentialing application to go through. After your application has been reviewed, you will then be asked to take the CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment), the written test if you have not yet taken it, followed by 2 assessors reviewing each recording. The assessments are completed independently. The applicant’s name is listed on the recording. This does allow for the assessor(s) to recuse themselves if there is a conflict of interest.

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