KEYS FOR ORGANIZATIONAL SUCCESS How Cultural Biases Can Cloud our Judgment and Sabotage Our Success Without Our Even Knowing (Introduction to Breaking Free from Bias six-session Program) How do we recognize and appropriately manage our cultural judgments so they do not limit us-both in terms of who we work with and also establishing trust? We may aspire to be judgment free. Is that really possible? Unconscious bias neuroscience research says no, that is not how our brains work. Even those of us who are used to working multiculturally! (Humility is very important on this journey.) From Glass Curtain, Bamboo Curtain, generational gaps and lingering cultural fears or resentment, our organizations will benefit from recognizing and managing our Unconscious Bias. Marilyn O’Hearne, MCC shares 2 steps designed to move us from judgment which can sabotage our success to increased impact, influence, and income. • A quick (one minute!) Centering Pause which returns us to a balanced state, focused and ready for whatever is next, where optimum decision making can take place. • How an Unconscious Bias Pause identifies and updates our biases before we act on them, resulting in expanded business rather than loss.