Renew! Do it for you, for your health, your family, your business! Don’t tell me you do not have time. How: 1. You can practice it even a minute an hour (17 ideas!), with life changing results. Don’t let this be you: “I notice our team members are cranky after the pandemic,” said one of my leadership coaching clients, or after any major stressor. Asking her how she cares for herself was her key takeaway from our session. “Cutting through the uncertainty of rapid change to achieve your vision with significant impact, income, confidence plus renewed energy and passion to stay on the leading edge,” is the result of our leadership coaching. How 2 Leaders, you are invited to schedule an #unlockallpotential strategy session with me.

Renewal is more important now than ever, and checking in with others has led me to doing more self-checks and practicing more grace with myself as my own boss.

We might not be able to physically go to Bali now, but we can take time to center, to be, even those of us working full speed ahead. Every life is precious, and renewal is life giving*, which we need now more than ever. I don’t want to be bossy, I really would like to give you each a hug. And if you are not taking time to renew, you soon may not be here to hug! What are you doing to renew?  #weareallinthistogether

Why? Whether you are working from home, working outside your home, or “on pause” from work, taking time to renew is crucial to not only your health but for those who depend on you: your team, family, organization, community; our world. *Renewal’s life giving qualities include improved immune system plus mental health and well-being; lowered or stabilized blood pressure; a full oxygen supply Harvard article. (giving thanks that we are breathing!)

How 3. In fact, pausing to give thanks, even in the midst of crisis, also contributes to well being, as noted in this article on the benefits of gratitude. “Attitude is almost everything” I have said to executive coaching clients in career transition, and noted, as does the research, that those with a positive attitude more rapidly found a next position they were happy with. We can choose to use this time to focus on how we can contribute to our own and collective health and well being, even if we need to experiment with alternative ways to renew during this time.

HOW 4. For your inspiration or even simply a moment of nature, I share my first video blog, less than three minutes, from Bali in 2014, below, followed by a link to my Centering Video which offers you a brief (minute) way to renew and tap into your inner resources and strengths (resilience) and my “Untethering for the Journey” Bali blog post .

5. How are you renewing? As a coach as well as a business owner, mom, grandma, friend, neighbor, etc., renewing is a priority so I can be a fully present, empathetic, supportive partner. Our professional organization, the International Coaching Federation, sees this as so crucial that it is recognized as part of “Embodies a Coaching Mindset,” one of our eight competencies, including developing a reflective and renewing (my addition) practice through Coaching SUPERvision. Coaches, I invite you to explore this with me!

Hi, welcome from the Nirata Center for Living Awareness in Bali in Sideman, Bali, Indonesia, where I am experiencing renewal and inviting you to spend two minutes renewing with me. Renewal is very close to my heart and part of my purpose in life: renew, discover and develop.

I find as a leadership, executive and team coach that many people in the West forget about renewal. They don’t take a day off a week, they don’t take an evening off, they don’t take a minute an hour to to Center and be fully present.

They are almost adrenaline junkies, pushing so hard.  What happens? Eventually they’re going to burn out, their business is going to burn out, their family may leave. I hope this is not you!

I invite you to consider ways that you will take time to renew so that you stay energized and your business (organization, family) stays energized. Here in in Bali we are in the meditation room which is also going to serve as our two-week coach training room.

I’m staying at Uma house. Uma is one of the Balinese goddesses that represents luminosity and after a massage yesterday I am feeling very luminous! 

What gets in the way sometimes is people are afraid. What’s the fear around renewal? “What am I going to do or who will I be as I take time to renew, to take a little break from busyness?“

I invite you to take a chance and and discover! Tap into that part of you that will help you make progress in taking the time to renew.

You (like me!) also might be afraid, “I’m going to miss out on something” but if you don’t take time, look what you might miss! Like this beautiful Balinese mountain landscape with the sound of the river behind us. (moment of nature)

Let me know how you’re choosing to renew and to stay energized so that your organization (and family) stays energized as well. Hearing your examples helps keep me energized!

Thank you.

Join me for a few minutes of life-giving, attention focusing centering. “Do it 10 times a day, it will change your life!” Doug Silsbee, author of Presence Based Coaching.

To our success, we are in this together! (I have been closing my messages like this for a few years now, and it seems even more significant as we begin to move out of our “collective isolation”)

See you next week!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, MCC

#unlockallpotential Culturally Intelligent Executive, Leadership, Team and Mentor Coaching; Supervision

Update of blog originally published July 27, 2014 on my three month “untethering” journey in Asia Pacific while coaching, speaking, training.