Renewing Your Spirit

Want to Renew Your Spirit, Increase Your PEP?

Renewing your spirit means to make new, gain a new supply of energy, strength, or enthusiasm. “I want some of that!” I hear you saying. “But, where do I begin?”

Marilyn O’Hearne, International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach provides a 40-page workbook designed to renew your PEP: People (you!) and Peace, Energy, Prosperity by renewing your spirit.

Spirit characterizes you as a human being (not doing!). The Creator gifts you with and connects with you through your spirit. Your spirit is related to your enthusiasm for living, your attitude, and your state of mind.

Through proven exercises, 14 original beautiful nature photographs (some of the same ones that are framed in my home!), and chapters whose useful points are illustrated through examples, Marilyn calls us to renew. Over busy, stressful lives deplete spirits, bodies, and decrease energy, focus, and productivity. Discovering how to carve out time and use it for renewal opens the door for designing a life you love, that nourishes your creativity and lets your brilliance shine through. May your renewed spirit and PEP begin!

Renew Your Spirit

 $29.99 all fees included or pay what you can, from $15 (covering publishing costs plus US taxes and US postage; not including time and creative process). Only 10 copies available, for shipping within the US only at this time.

“It is very nice and very useful and I love it! It is a very good book.
It is not just a good book it is also including love, warm, brave,
spirity, relaxing, artistic, graphics, sense of humor, knowledge, that all makes people happy.”  Ginny Chan – Sales Manageress of Asia Gift & Accessories Development Company in Hong Kong


“I am one successful end-result of Marilyn’s coaching. Her insight and guidance brought me to the position from which I could change my work life. Twice. Her workbook takes the next step—helping us Type A’s manage our expectations for our dreaded ‘time away’ from work. In this workbook, Marilyn proves wise advice on how to set limits on expectations for leisure/vacation time away from ‘real life’ in a reassuring, comforting but direct way. This is coaching at Marilyn’s gentle but direct best. Her workbook format provides tools for people to set their own off-the-clock goals.”  Rosemarie Kitchin, President, Kitchin’s Ink, Ltd.


“Marilyn O’Hearne’s RENEWING YOUR SPIRIT does just that if the reader will faithfully progress through each of the contents listed. There is not a human on this planet who doesn’t need their spirit renewed in multiple ways. To have their spirit renewed, Marilyn guides the reader step-by-step with thought provoking “coaching discoveries and challenges” along with “Words of Wisdom” that are sprinkled throughout each chapter. We followed her patterns and in the arena of our vacations, where in the past we started them tired and came home exhausted, we now come home with renewed spirits. Her principles truly work. At the conclusion of her workbook the reader can track their own spirit renewal with Marilyn’s Wheel of Life, which includes Spiritual Growth, Civic Duty, Recreation, Personal Growth, Physical Environment, Career, Money, Health, Friends and Family, and Romance. We highly recommend RENEWING YOUR SPIRIT and it is easy for all ages.” Bob and Yvonne Turnbull-Speakers, Authors, Coaches