Renewing Your Vision and Spirit

Looking for that new vision to carry you through this next portion of your wild and wonderful life and/or feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

The Renewing Your Spirit and Vision program provides an opportunity to recharge, and make a renewal of vision rather than resolution to boost your PEP (People, Energy, and Prosperity) sustainably.

“A clear, compelling vision draws us closer and more easily to our goals than a resolution, which may bring rebellion rather than results,” says Marilyn. When you get bogged down in busyness, you miss magic and mystery. Taking the time to clarify and hone your vision seasonally ensures future success and generates more excitement and energy for you and your organization.

Marilyn is passionate about not wasting “our most valuable resource: people”.  She pairs visioning with renewal practices, from one minute to longer.  We can easily see how our more-than-busy (a current status symbol!), stressful lives deplete energy, effectiveness, focus and creativity, and negatively affect productivity, performance and prosperity.

  • Healthy, renewing habits prevents burnout and disease while maintaining your energy and passion to fulfill your vision.
  • Clarifying your vision and carving out time for renewal opens the door for designing a life you love that nourishes your creativity, boosts your energy and prosperity, and allows your brilliance shine through.