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As a leader or coach, you experience the cultural complexity and uncertainty that can lead to loss of focus and confidence in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.

What new level of prosperity will you achieve as you confidently develop yourself and organization with cultural intelligence (CQ)*? I want to partner with you for your success!

We all have unconscious bias, one aspect of CQ. By identifying & managing it, you can reduce loss of business and talent as well as decrease conflicts and complaints, which is why I wrote the book!

The leaders and teams I coach discover that mastering CQ significantly impacts the 25-40% of time spent on managing complaints and conflicts. It holds the power to unlock and expand markets for leaders and coaches. Profitability increases by 35% with greater diversity & inclusion practices.

My “vlogs” (video plus written articles) are created just for you. Each one is designed for you to cut through the cultural complexity and uncertainty in our rapidly changing world. Who will you be and what will you achieve as you focus and fully step into your shared power and potential with cultural intelligence (CQ)?

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