“The world (and work, our relationship to work) is changing and I am on the #NewWorldofWork Transition Team”: are you? How are you, your team and organization playing on and for the team to create a world in which everyone can thrive? #unlockallpotential

Divisive and destructive political campaigns, economic and social upheaval, pandemics, environmental concerns and terrorist attacks around the world are literally changing the face of our world and work. Our world is inescapably VUCCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Culturally Complex, and Ambiguous.

Have you found yourself in a team with competing priorities and different communication and personality styles, in a constantly and rapidly changing organization or community, wondering how you will get through a meeting, not to mention achieving your goals and visions?

Through Marilyn’s team coaching, I learned firsthand how to lead a team through a dynamic problem-solving process that gets results. Marilyn not only listened to us, but helped us to better listen to each other and to the community. And because of her coaching, we were better equipped as a team to address the issues of poverty development and youth empowerment in the urban core,” Josh Sheperd, Director, Mission House KCK

Discover how the teams and leaders I coach learn to stay energized and achieve sustainable Quadruple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit/Prosperity, Purpose) results in the midst of complexity and uncertainty by keeping their focus on their purpose and vision while developing and maintaining a positive culture with clear roles and responsibilities that provide meaning. I offer some proven steps below for you and your team to be effective #NewWorldofWork Transition Team players.

We know from Systems theory that systems (organizations, countries, families) are naturally resistant to change. Yet when they already are transitioning, they are most open and agile for positive shifts, change, innovation and impact! How to move toward the positive shift?

4 Steps for being effective #NewWorldofWork Transition Team players:

  1. Choose your stance: you can dwell in the land of complaints and overwhelm or choose to view transition as an adventure, give thanks for your team’s strengths and focus on your inspiring vision! Check in: how clear and inspiring is your vision?
  2. Ask: How can I/we have the biggest positive, sustainable Quadruple Bottom Line* (People, Planet, Profit and Purpose) impact? What is the most loving thing I can do: for the earth, this community, this organization, our team, for others, for myself?  (Discover generational perspectives on the importance of the environment** plus a McKinsey interview with Unilever***) My own answers to these questions the past 25 years led me to provide Culturally Intelligent**** Team Coaching as well as Coaching Leaders and Mentoring and SUPERvising Coaches. The 2016 Rio Olympics chose to plant one tree for each Olympic athlete. How is your team answering this question? I look forward to hearing from you!
  3. Learn how to manage and communicate during uncertainty, a key leadership characteristic identified by the Harvard Kennedy School, with 6 steps in my “How To Successfully Communicate While Uncertain” blog
  4. Engage your (diverse, intercultural, global) team and each stakeholder through (virtual) coffees and frequent intentional, caring contact and communication. “The larger a multinational company becomes, the more important it is to develop a transnational character…Wherever they wish to operate, they must identify the various stakeholders, understand which groups may be supportive of company goals and which are likely to protest or oppose them, and develop strategies to engage each constituency effectively.” HBR article: Your Company Needs a Foreign Policy, John Chipman. This is not just for multinationals! Every organization has various stakeholders to engage.

To our success-we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

CQ, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation





P.S. I work with leaders and coaches to unlock ALL potential while increasing prosperity and peace.

Leaders and coaches are invited to Apply for an Unlock Potential strategy session with me  to discover how to further unlock your, your team and your organization’s potential for success. Note: I have limited availability.

*The Quadruple Bottom Line: Its Time Has Come, Forbes

**Greener Than You: Boomers, Gen X and Millennials Score Themselves on the Environment, Forbes

***Fit for the Postpandemic Future: Unilever’s CHRO Leena Nair on Reinventing How We Work

****Cultural Intelligence is the awareness and understanding of the beliefs, values, attitudes, rank and behaviors of people with distinct cultural identities including your own; and using that awareness to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. Note: when we consider the range of cultural identities: ethnicities, regions, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, etc. I say “It is impossible to NOT work interculturally!”

First published August 22, 2016