What do these images of breaking free from chains, joyful and playful coming together of cultures and the strength of welding, my grandfather’s profession, have to do with my vision and discovering your own powerful guiding vision through envisioning? Read on!

Building on the magical metaphors “backdoor to the brain” approach in a related blog, I  share in this video a proven Envisioning Process I facilitate with Leadership Teams as well as Executive and Leadership Coaching Clients to clarify vision, values and mission, including corporate culture, and also to build teams.

Like magical metaphors, images and stories slide in through the back door of the brain, pairing the familiar with the unfamiliar or aspirational without setting off the “Danger, danger!” alarms of change.

“Your Envisioning interactive session was a great way to drive engagement, creativity and discussion. I appreciate your involvement with our leadership team and value your expertise.” Vice President, People Excellence, Health System, who invited me to facilitate this Envisioning Process as part of her executive team retreat.

I offer my own example of my calling to be part of the change,  modeling the “back door to the brain” and accessing of heart and intuition that images and stories facilitate for sustainable transformational change.

Video transcript (edited): Hi I’m Marilyn O’Hearne, welcome to my blog. Today we’re looking at an envisioning process that I used recently with a leadership team of a large organization to help them discover and begin to develop their desired organizational culture.
 This process can be used for teamwork for discovering vision, values, mission and culture. I’ve used it for exploring my own calling or mission to discover what my contribution might be in Cuba US relations as a demonstration for you today.
I chose these researched images because they help us to use our whole brain instead of just one part of it. The images I chose representing my vision around Cuba US relations starts with the drum beating. For me means the time is now!
Then we’re going to be breaking through some chains and sweeping up some of the
past. These images represent the joy of different cultures coming together in a playful way; jumping in just being all in.
This is where I see myself in US-Cuba relations (as I prepared to travel there): in the conversations. I’ve started having some conversations with people who have already been at work in this area and there seems to be a need for healing for some of what’s happened in the past, taking it one step at a time and ending up with a welding together something really strong.
I think of my grandfather, Emil Leo Plattner, a welder starting at age 14 to help support his family, and the strength of two things being welded together making both together stronger than they were on their own.
When leading a team or group through this envisioning process, I invite each person to choose images representing their vision, then share in a small group and finally each small group shares in the larger group for great sustainable, transformational results; ensuring everyone stays engaged.
Reflecting back on this envisioning experience from several years ago, this process really went beyond a Cuba mission, representing my career (being in conversations for transformational, sustainable change with leaders and teams; coaches), which involves recognition of and sometimes breaking away from the past, with a bit of playful jumping in and joyful blending of cultures resulting in an even stronger present and future. 

What are you envisioning and how can clarifying your vision powerfully impact you, your team, your organization?

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To your full potential, prosperity and peace,

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC; CQ MCC

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First published as a blog August 28, 2015 and updated