Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner spoke this morning on CBS about how he started his leadership journey where most begin: ego-centric, expecting others to be like him, which limits organizational success. Can you remember beginning your career journey this way? Developmentally, that’s where we are in our teens and early twenties. (some longer!)

How do you move beyond that to greater results? Milton Bennett describes a cultural journey where we begin with either seeing everyone the same (like us, as Weiner did),  or seeing “others” as less than. Both starting points limit people reaching their potential, as well as organizational success. When you commit to your own development, the journey continues.  Like Weiner, you can reach the point where you can celebrate, integrate and leverage differences with a greater capacity to see things through others’ perspectives.

Even if you are not looking for financial results like Jeff Weiner and Linkedin, this developmental journey will improve relationships at work and at home.

Weiner has evolved to see compassion as a key value, including this ability to see through others’ lens. This journey requires the development of what he refers to as soft skills and what others refer to as EQ and CQ, emotional and cultural intelligence. These require greater self awareness, including self compassion. Linkedin’s recent research shows that communication and other soft skills, not technical skills, are the number one skills gap in the US. He notes that gap can be closed through the use of trainers and, I add, coaches.

Leaders, do you want results like Jeff Weiner and Linkedin? Coaches, how are you guiding leaders to such success? What kind of results are we talking about? Microsoft bought Linkedin for $26 billion and Linkedin contributed almost one billion dollars the first full quarter since the acquisition. According to, Jeff’s 2015 total compensation was almost 20 million dollars.

Even if you do not aspire to that level of financial success, with incivility, bullying and costly misunderstandings leading to talent loss on the rise in the workplace, you probably do see the need for increased compassion and improved communication. What are the rewards of committing to this developmental journey? Besides increased prosperity, you can look forward to maintaining your cutting edge, to fulfilling your vision, to increasing your impact. And just listing these values on your company’s website and mission statement are not enough.

How are you developing your EQ and CQ? How are you practicing compassion?

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To our success-we are in this together!

Stay tuned till next week!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, MCC

Culturally Intelligent Executive, Leadership, Team and Mentor Coaching; Supervision


First published June 13, 2018