How do you keep going toward your goal, stay motivated when you feel flattened on the field, like this image? What are some of the best winning coaches messages you have given and received for success? What drives you and winning teams like the KC Chiefs to Super Bowl success? 

I have been reflecting on Adam Hamilton’s message (link below), “Life Lessons from Winning Coaches” on the best coaching messages I have received and given to achieve success. Adam interviewed (US) football players about their best experiences with their coaches, the top 8 US football winning coaches. The results were coaches who communicate they:

*1. Believe in and care about you

2. Trust in you and earn you trust

3. Hold you accountable

4. Motivate

1. An example of number one, believing in and caring about you, was Marty Shottenheimer pulling aside a player aside during a game, not to yell or scream at them for a mistake they had made, but to remind them of the number of times they had been successful and to remind them they could do it again. KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes does this as well.*

2. I would say “the greatest of these is love”, the love, the compassion. Maybe you have heard before, including from me, how compassion contributes to success. I am really thankful this is something I am known for too as a leadership, team and mentor coach, as research** shows this is crucial for learning and development. Tiffany Carlsen, one of our Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching + Certificate Program alumni in the UK says, “Marilyn has a great belief in each member’s capability and this is encouraging,” and it makes a big difference.

Recently promoted leaders I coach credit their making it through the imposter syndrome and becoming the confident leader they are meant to be through our coaching and my belief or trust in them and their strengths, plus holding them accountable to their goals. Of course part of our coaching is further developing their strengths for greatest results for the team, the organization, its stakeholders.

Patrick Mahomes, KC Chiefs Super Bowl quarterback, told his teammates,“We do not have to do anything else other than being ourselves,” (@Chiefs Twitter 9/30/19) communicating his belief and trust in them as a team.

When Coach Andy Reid first came on board with the Chiefs, he established trust through providing an open forum for players to share concerns and ideas.**** Starting as a new leader in an organization also benefits from taking time to get to know “the players’ and what motivates them, building trust and relationships. It’s crucial for each member of the team to feel heard and understood, as well as how they are providing value to the team.

I want to hear your examples! 

3,4. A few of the best winning coaching messages I have received include one from my mom, a very encouraging and motivating person. She said, “Don’t give up until you cross the finish line! You can do it!” This photo reminds me of her message, which got me through final exams in high school and university and at the end of the process of writing my book and redoing my website. Those times where I thought, “Oh I am tired of this, I don’t know if I can keep going!” her words helped me get through it. Mom believed in and loved us and held us accountable. Her brothers, also doctors, gave her this winning coach message which helped her cross her medical school finish line, one of the women in her class.

I also remember a golf instructor I was practicing my swing with in a beginner lesson with him observing. I blew it, and asked, “What did I do wrong?” His response was, “Marilyn, I don’t want you to ever ask yourself that question. Simply get back into form, to the proper stance and hit the ball again.” “One play at a time,” Mahomes said***, as a good coach, whether team, leadership or mentor coach, and coach-like leader would partner with clients to achieve their success goals.

Those are some winning coaching messages I have given and received for success as well as football examples, and I look forward to hearing some of yours.

To our success-we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

CQ, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

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PSSS Here is the link to Adam Hamilton’s 36 minute “Life Lessons from Winning Coaches”message (sermon) which includes a tribute to Fritz Pollard, the first African American football coach in the US in the 1920s! My 4 minute message is below. I look forward to his interviewing Superbowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes!

** To Enable Learning, Put (Emotional) Safety First

1st published 2/22/2019 and updated