Yes, You Can! Master 3 Energizing Steps to Creating Impactful and Influential Leadership

How to Step into Your Power as a Leader with Your Clients, Company, and Community!

As you step into your leadership, do you ever feel overwhelmed and uncertain, maybe even reactive? You do not want to end up “snapping” like ESPN reporter Britt McHenry as you consider how to best step up into your leadership in every setting.

In this session, you will “meet” someone like you, “Jane”, and witness the transformation she goes through. You will experience Marilyn coaching her as she moves from almost ready to snap over a highly negative direct report to creating a situation no one thought was possible and everyone (including the organization!) winning. You will practice the steps and strategies in the session.

What you will learn in this highly interactive session:
• 3 steps to creating impactful and influential leadership anytime, anywhere
• How to access your “inner coach” in order to not end up like Britt McHenry
• 10 Questions to ask for greater energy and productivity which decrease overwhelm, uncertainty and reactivity