What is your success word? How will you use it to propel your success?                    I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Marilyn O’Hearne with weekly wisdom designed to unlock your potential, today talking about what is your success word and how is it propelling your success and guiding you? When you choose and focus on a success word, the power of intent (Harvard Business Review article) kicks in and begins to create that reality*. We coaches use this neuroscience based “begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey) when we ask at the beginning of a session “what will make this session successful for you?” Our brain begins to move in that direction.

For two years in a row my success word or intention has been “embrace”, this year with greater “ease”. I invite you to consider yours. When I wrote about this two years ago, I had experienced big challenges the previous year (including our grandbaby’s diagnosis of a rare heart defect followed by open heart surgery) and was looking forward to greater ease, which has already thankfully begun!**

In 2018 I embraced the opportunity of going to Ethiopia with Ethical Coach for the Leadership Coaching Summit and continue to coach leaders and teams there, this past year with Farm Africa. I highly value discovering and embracing new cultures, learning and experiences which have included going to Asia Pacific for three months with Bali for six weeks, creating new programs, writing a book, welcoming new family members. I also love embracing leadership and team coaching clients as well as mentor coaching and coaching supervision clients. Embrace is one of my four cornerstone values which guide my decision making and characterize my approach to life and work.

Embracing clients is not only really fun for me, it also provides a safe learning and development environment for them which is crucial for success. One leadership coaching client said he went from being like a duck with frantic movement under the water to being like a skater smoothly gliding across the ice.

One of our Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching participants from China said that at the beginning of the program she felt like a turtle kind of slow and worried. Our mentor coaching program was transformative for her on the inside, not just the competencies. She reported that with my patience and love that she became confident and courageous again.

I love to be part of of that type of transformation by embracing my clients. Besides identifying a success word, to further harness your brain and intent, I invite you to also consider what do you want to let go of?

I have been clearing out old content that really is no longer serving my website as well as clearing out what is no longer needed in my home, leading to business expansion with ease!* and plans to update my home. I find the clearing out a little more challenging for me to embrace than the welcoming in. How about you?

What also do we need to clear out or update like our perspectives, our bias and self limiting beliefs? This includes me! A fun and recent update for me was from telling myself I wasn’t good at Pictionary to believing I could do it. It helped that during the game a friend exclaimed, “It’s not D for difficult, it’s D for doable, Marilyn, you can do it!” And I did, with ease and delight! Another shift for me in my twenty two year coaching and speaking career has been from “I am not good at marketing” to “I was not originally trained it, and have discovered some fun ways to connect with people and determine if their need and what I offer matches.”

I also embrace my clients’ strengths and natural giftedness and invite them to do the same.

I would love to hear from you what your success word is, even in the midst of challenges, that will move you forward.

I have space to partner with a few more of you, which I would love to do, as your coach, embracing you and your strengths as you embrace your opportunities and propel your success through your success word.

Let me know how I can support you, your team and your organization to a place of greater ease, as you set and implement your success word for this year! You are invited to apply for a strategy session.

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

CQ Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation


* See also Lynn Taggart’s The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and Your World

**Alumni of our Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching Program wanted to continue working with me but were not sure whether they wanted mentoring or coaching supervision so we created a Coaching Mastery program that includes both as well as my integrated coaching and cultural competency reviews. Other alumni, as internal coaches, are bringing me into their organizations for external coaching. Example of ease, my success word!